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Команда ECOLUX, Лига мини-футбола Приднестровья. Официальный сайт

FC ECOLUX Minifootball Team was formed in 2010 by four enthusiastic friends: Sandu Zagorodnii, Ion Cebotari, Nicolae Timofti and Andrei Zapanovici.

The President of the club is Sandu Zagorodnii.

FC ECOLUX participated in different local competitions, but didn’t quite had succes.

In 2014 FC ECOLUX decided to get to another level and combined forces with Vladimir Japalau, our present coach and former proffesional football player. Since then, FC ECOLUX started to make problems for various teams in different competitions. After just one year FC ECOLUX won its first tournament in Chisinau.

In 2014 FC ECOLUX participated in its first international tournament, MAGIC CUP WINTER EDITION, Iasi, Romania. After just one year in the summer of 2015, FC ECOLUX returned to IASI and after a serious training campaign coordinated by Japalau Vladimir, FC ECOLUX triumphed in the prestigious tournament (MAGIC CUP SUMMER EDITION)

In 2016 FC ECOLUX won another local tournament and got the right to participate in the first edition of EMF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in Maribor, Slovenia.

Also at the end of 2016 FC ECOLUX participated for the first time in a tournament organized by Mnifootball Federation of Republic of Moldova and won its first trophy, National Cup 2016.

In 2017 FC ECOLUX finished 3-rd in the National Championship FSNM SERIES.

In 2018 FC ECOLUX won the National Championship FSNM series and was the first team from Moldova to win a trip to EMF Champions League in Catez, Slovenia.

Sandu Zagorodnii,
President FC ECOLUX

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